tips to remember while taking upcat

While there are many tips for preparing and studying for UPCAT, you might be wondering if there are some helpful tips you should follow while taking the test. Here are some pointers that can help you answer the exam as efficiently as possible. 

Read questions carefully

Due to the time restraint, you'll find yourself rushing from one question to the next. This can lead to careless mistakes. Sometimes, questions are worded in a way to trick you into looking for a different answer— Make sure that you fully understand a question before selecting an answer.

Use scratch paper when necessary

From time to time, you try to work out a math solution in your head instead of just writing it down on paper. While this can seem like the faster option, it might actually end up taking more time.

Keep in mind that when you write formulas on scratch paper you can see the whole picture for yourself, but when you do mental solutions you need to concentrate on imagining the equation in your head while working on solving the problem.

Guess if you don't know the answer

Occasionally, you’ll find yourself stumped. If you’re sure you can’t figure out the correct answer, it might be wise to just guess. You may remove some of the least likely choices and choose from the remaining possible answers.

It’s usually recommended to guess since the deduction from getting wrong answers is minimal; even if you don’t like the risk, it could be better to fill in an answer anyway. If you leave it blank, there's a possibility that you'll confuse it for the next question and you'll end up setting off a chain reaction where you fill in the "right" answers but for the wrong question numbers. 

Skim stories and poems

Whether you’re being told to read a short poem or writing piece, just skip to the question first and then quickly skim the text for the answer. Reading the whole thing is a waste of time since only a small portion will be needed for the exam questions.

Stay hydrated throughout the day

You'll concentrate a lot better if you drink water throughout the day.

However, make sure to only take sips of water; drinking too much at a time will just make you feel bloated as well as lead to frequent bathroom breaks. This can detract from your time and make you lose focus.

Eat a quick and convenient snack

Solving problems takes up a lot of your energy, so you're guaranteed to start feeling hungry sooner or later. Be sure to pack some snacks. Keep in mind that it should be something easy to eat, and wouldn't be prone to making messes. Some good examples would include biscuits, hard-boiled eggs, and sliced-up vegetables. 

Try to keep these tips in mind during the big day! Or better yet, you can practice them while taking simulated exams, so when it's time to take the UPCAT, you'll be completely ready.