Top 5 Review Programs for UPCAT 

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Top 5 Review Programs for UPCAT & College Entrance Tests 2023

Ranked by Pros and Cons

The assessment below is based on editor's opinion and is intended as a guide.

#1 Achievers CET Review


P12,000 for full program

#2 Excel Review


P8,200 for full program

#3 Upcat Coach


This is actually a very good choice, probably the best option. The only reason this is in the third spot is that the price  may not be affordable for many. The cost of one-one instruction is high. This is understandable since the teacher/coach focus on only one student instead of 30 or 50 students. If cost is not an issue to a parent, we recommend this option.

Subscription Fee: 


#4 Pace UP Review


For a self-driven student, this can be a cost efficient option for UPCAT or CET preparation.

Subscription Fee: 

2,300/mo for UPCAT Review

2,800/mo for CET Review

#5 Free UPCAT review 



3. There are less questions

4. limited time access


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